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Easy enough for even the most uncoordinated individual but extremely challenging in its simplicity, this DVD gives a basic, 40-minute workout designed to improve flexibility while toning and strengthening the major muscles of the body.

An advanced workout for those who want to take their exercise routine to the next level.  This DVD gives a challenging, 45-minute workout designed to tone the major muscles of the body while improving flexibility.


Too busy to work out? All you need is 15 minutes a day! This DVD takes the exercises from Empowering Pilates for Teens and Toning Pilates for Teens and divides them into a challenging, Monday through Friday workout routine.  


Empowering Pilates

Tips that slide onscreen during each exercise to help give the workout more focus
A unique Special Feature on Exercise, Athletics or Health including interviews with Pilates Master Ivon Dahl, former pro-baseball player Todd Howey and Pilates instructor Matt Richardson
Teen Sports Bonus featuring real teenagers playing sports to the Empowering Pilates soundtrack
Workout suggestions in the front cover


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